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This is a simple call to all those who live in and around Oundle to join me in forming an association for local people who view themselves as being European. You don’t have to view yourself as primarily European, or have any particular identity “picking order”. This is not about patriotism, a lack of it, or in any way challenging the right of anybody to be and to feel English, British, Scottish, Irish or anything else.

However, if you view yourself as wanting to remain a European and closer to the continent of Europe than any other potential new cultural or trading block I hope that this is an association that will work for you and for like-minded folk together.

I wish to create this association as a non-profit making entity. We will have a broad statement of objectives by way of a Memorandum of Association and I would like to draft a simple constitution. My proposal is that the group (as it will be known, “Oundle Europeans“) has the following objective.

To promote, share, encourage and nurture the development of European culture and identity among the population of Oundle and its surroundings.

Broadly I would like to see the following development:-

i) a Facebook group site being formed;

ii) a meeting of kindred spirits to discuss the constitution and any membership contributions to fund publicity material such as banners or flags;

iii) the use of a forum such as this site for information exchange and communication between group members who do not subscribe to Facebook;

iv) some social gatherings for group members with the aim of furthering the overall objective.

As we continue to pick through the bones of the events of June 2016 it is abundantly clear that of the multi-faceted reasons for a marginal leave vote one of them was a lack of perception of European identity. That is something that we can seek to address whilst maintaining courtesy and respect for those who disagree with us.

I want us to be able to share our European values and our European identity; our European memories, aspirations and even our photographs. I wish us to be proud to do so and to have the courage to do so.

The world feels like is turning faster than ever. It isn’t, of course, but never has there been a time when a week seems so much like a lifetime in politics.

Please look up the group on Facebook and request to join. The group name is Oundle Europeans and it is a closed group. Please share this post with others who might wish to join us too, using the link and the share button below. If you do not have a Facebook account but would like to participate then please leave your name and e-mail address in the Reply box below or send me your name and e-mail address to:-



Thank you.


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Author: Marc Folgate

Marc Folgate's search for answers to the misery and mess.

9 thoughts on “Oundle Europeans”

  1. I feel that I can agree with you as to we should have stayed in but the vote went against us and we have to go with that. Hope you are well in yourself. Your side has been good to us with 6 0 aggregate win. Come on barnsley

  2. “The aim of the group is to promote the UK’s membership of the European Union; to discourage isolationism and to encourage our European identity by respectful discourse and verifiable information. Open to those of all nationalities on a cross-party basis. Closed to bigotry though; also to those who advance false claims and support evidence for them without reasonable excuse.” Our new mission statement following the well-attended and enthusiastic meeting at The George on 28/02/2019. From now on this page will be used to update non-Facebook members with events/meetings news. If you subscribe to the site you will then receive notifications. Whilst it won’t be as interactive as the Facebook page I will endeavour to post important meeting notices etc. on this page. I thank you.

    1. Erm
      Good old OU of course. But predictive text stopped me referring to Oundle Europeans. I’m sure you all realised.

  3. I’m filling your site with irrelevant clumsiness. By “erm” I didn’t mean the absurd Mr Mogg and the so-called European so-called Research mob but a throat-clearing interruption.

    1. Mike – I am trying to arrange a visible pro-European presence in Oundle Market Place on Saturday morning (20/04/2019) at 10:30. I have found a box of Peoples Vote leaflets left over and still have loads of PV stickers. I have put this on Oundle Europeans FB site but I know that you wanted to be made aware of such matters! If you want to and/or can come along please let me know. I will do a Brexitometer sort of thing. Many thanks. BW. Marc

  4. Thanks for your comments Mike. We are trying to organise a social maybe over at The Windmill in Orton Waterville. Nice and easy from Oundle and we have a few members in those parts who are not well represented in local groups. Will keep you posted. BW. Marc

  5. Dear Mike and any non-FB users. There is a French Farmers’ Market event in Oundle this Saturday 27/04/2019. We would like as many Oundle European members as possible to attend the event with flags etc. I will have PeoplesVote leaflets and stickers to hand out. Please e-mail me or respond below. Many thanks. Marc.

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