The good, the bad and the brugly.

The 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome rightly fell to be celebrated on 25th March 2017, whatever Britain’s decision on 23rd June 2016.

London’s celebration was tainted. First by impending divorce and then by terror. In the face of that strange atmosphere what would the metropolis deliver?

Acute compartment syndrome is a medical emergency and ideally needs to be treated in hospital within a few hours to avoid permanent damage to the muscles or nerves.

A year ago one of those who Marched for Europe in London was hospitalised with acute compartment syndrome. Numerous operations and a tendon reconstruction to replace the tissues removed through necrosis caused by this dreadfully surreptitious and merciless condition.

With the benefit of an international NHS medical team, a comfortable pair of Adidas trainers and many months of learning to walk again he completed the march to Parliament on 25th March 2017. A heel splint helped but his pained expression was unmistakable, as was his determination.

Earlier in the morning parents and children took to the trains and coaches with banners, packed lunches and daffodils at the ready.

The marchers gather in the sun

Glorious sun; flags of nations and the symbol of their unifying structure fluttering in the early Spring breeze. An impeccable celebration, or protest, in huge numbers, despite the lengthy delay due to the larger than anticipated attendance.

Marching at last

A respectful and witty meeting of minds. Whitehall greeted the marchers with The Beatles pumping out of a window. The marchers greeted the Police with daffodils and smiles. Some sang Ode to Joy.

All you need is love!

Parliament Square was packed to the rafters, as were nearby pubs and restaurants. One of the former found itself the strange setting for a clash of cultures.

Nigel Farage may have relished hearing his name chanted like a football hero had he attended. A dozen or so of his all-male supporters arrived. In their designer football attire. They left. Nothing going. Completely and utterly out of place and with no chance of sport.

Cue Mail Online’s outrage at the fact the March had proceeded, evidently very successfully. Damn the Remoaners! Enemies of the People!

They managed to find some unflattering photographs and made no secret of their disgust that the yellow stars should have found themselves at the heart of the capital in such impressive numbers. Reminiscent of the Trump presidency inauguration they downsized the strength of the March as much as Mr President had exaggerated the love for his crowning moment.

A glance through the first couple of pages of readers’ comments left in response to the article is truly breathtaking and worthy of copy for those who wince at the prospect of opening up the page. Like a horror film watched from behind the sofa.

I think you should shut the hell up snowflake

Itinerant soap-dodgers

…all the wrongs in Britain today: foreigners doing as they wish

I wonder just how many in that march are home born?

…they are enemies of their own country

Hundreds of flowers outside Westminster…a vile remoaner has planted a small EU flag amongst them

Assortment of Commies, Feminists and wimmin (sic.)

Do none of these protestors (sic.) ever have work?

Should have herded them onto the channel shuttle

Fifth columnist traitors

Marching against a democratic decision, terrorism by another name

Bunch of spineless objectors

Spineless weak cowards

The next march should be at Beachy Head

Hordes of dimwits

I have never seen so many British traitors in one place

THIS WAS NOT FREE SPEECH IT WAS TREASON and should have been treated as such

People like this brought terrorism to Europe

A mixture of tree huggers and upper class Spanish villa owners

Horrible people

Don’t care about democracy or the safety of others – what an absolute bunch of utter (removed)

…they are the dregs of the dregs…

…should be clapped in irons.

Try out the water cannons which Boris purchased

EU Funded Hippies

We won two world wars

Should of (sic.) banned it and got the water canons(sic.) out.

Most of them need a wash  …the very type of person we don’t need in this country i.e. a migrant

The great unwashed – You can smell the hemp and urine from here.

The bad, encouraging the ugly and the ugly encouraging the bad. If Theresa May thinks that she can unite this country she needs to read a little more and take a glance over the cushion held to her eyes at the film that continues to roll. The fingers in her ears may be presently drowning out some of the screams.

The United Kingdom has a critical emergency reminiscent of compartment syndrome. Pressure building causing restriction and very unpleasant necrotic tissue which is in danger of taking over and compromising the entire patient. With appropriate intervention the scars of the treatment will be left although the re-building will be complex and demanding; without the skilled leadership required of this multi-disciplinary treatment the horror film could subsequently become a documentary.