Tapeworms and Brexit. These nasty gut-wrenching wretches take all the nutrition out of the intake of the hosts, leaving their landlords pale, immunologically compromised and sapped of nutrition.

Easy to get rid of but difficult to countenance for the afflicted.

How did that happen to me?

Worms. Often absorbed through contamination by or ingestion of meat products unless cooked properly; trotters, minced pork meat, knuckle or gammon.

Otherwise through excrement. Handled by humans, transmitted by flies and shoes alike. Brexit.

Sound the alarm

The United Kingdom is in crisis. In danger. Economically caught in the doldrums. Inward investment tanking, sterling still at historically low levels and growth at a standstill.

Politically paralysed with the hyenas closing in. Steve Bannon as bold as brass aiming to destabilise Europe. Influencing British politics at the highest level. Feeding the ambitions so hungry for food; any food, at any price. He hones in on those who rushed to use Trump to assert their ideological atlanticism. Why wouldn’t he?

Lying has become normalised, even in the sanctity of the Mother of Parliaments. Standards of public duty plummet to each shocking record low after record low.

The state broadcaster too scared to make the biggest journalistic call of its life. To tell 17.4m people including some of its own higher representatives that they were duped, conned. Not only sold the pup but the bus in which we are all standing as it prepares to go off a cliff.

Got at, by electoral fraud. By foreign interference. Now all pay the price of their gullibility, their lack of objective understanding, their English exceptionalism, their protest vote, their dislike of immigrants, their sentimentality. Whichever multitude of influences that ticked each box which made the whole.

Stockpiling food. Not stockpiling food. Warning people. Not warning them. An MEP calling for the law of treason to be “reformed”. Preparing for the worst.

These are very bad times. Written from France which appears to be a country presently at peace with its President and World Cup victory. Power to your elbow Monsieur le Président. Tell Bannon to se faire foûtre.

A conversation with a supermarket till attendant attending university at Aix-en-Provence proved a stark reminder of what is at risk. In near perfect English:

“I love London. I would like to live there but it’s very expensive. I love Cambridge too”.

Will she still feel the same about Global Britain when she finishes her degree in English and Chinese?

#StopFascism #StopBrexit. A  #PeoplesVote must be secured.


Earlier this year I made a decision to explore and possibly restore my receding hairline. I had been feeling ill-at-ease with the mirrored image in the hotel reception in Lille on a particularly windy day. The wind tends to howl past the International Station.

My forehead would often find itself red and sore on holidays, my face mainly weathered but partly baby pink.

A trip down to Harley Street on a dank day had caused me to maybe commit to it as it appeared that I was a suitable candidate for a transplant.

Will there be blood?

Perhaps the most ridiculous question I asked of the youthful and gingerly hirsute Icelandic man who checked my scalp elasticity.

“This is a surgical procedure.”

I think that means “yes”.

If I went to have the same treatment at their clinic in Spain there would be a saving of £1,000 although I would have to fund the flights.

At first I prevaricated. Would the surgeon be GMC registered? Would he be insured if anything went wrong?

I realised that I was displaying that most British of traits. The belief that a British surgeon and clinic would somehow provide a superior service and a better result.

A brief research exercise was required.

“If you’re going to have a hair transplant the best advice I can give is for you to get straight to the Eurostar terminal or an airport and get the hell out of the country to mainland Europe or North America”

A pretty straightforward, if not brutal assessment given on a help site for the follicularly-challenged.

I even asked a Consultant Trichologist (hair expert) who recommended someone in the UK. The comments I read on the internet quickly ended that line of further enquiry.

The surgeon I was to be operated on by in Spain transpired to be a she, so there was another misconception banished; and she was German but had lived in Spain having moved to find the sun a decade or more previously.

I nervously set off for Stansted, via Cambridge. I spoke to a Spanish lady at the bus stop. The X5 was nearly an hour late due to an accident. I didn’t tell her that I was off to her nation of origin to have a hair transplant. A Romanian lady at the hotel checked me in with a smile and one of her compatriots took my food order.

Early night required. Long day tomorrow.

My self-imposed ban on Wetherspoons was not an issue at Stansted. I was nil alcohol by mouth anyway.

After the Irish and Spanish crew got me safely to Málaga I settled in at the hotel booked for me, having had an impromptu Spanish/English cross-tuition with an Argentine taxi driver who had once been to England but struggled with the roundabouts being the wrong way round.

The booking was in my name through the clinic. Did the receptionist take a glance at my hairline? Or was that my imagination?

I paid a visit to the clinic, taking care not to burn the bald bits on my forehead, thanks to the ridiculous Yankee Doodle Dandy baseball cap which I had dragged from the back of the cupboard. I knew it would be good for something one day. I had submitted myself to something ridiculous and by that stage personal appearance had well and truly taken a running jump.

Early night required. Long day tomorrow.

A long day it was indeed. In at 0845 to be welcomed with a valium, some antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.

I was having an FUT procedure.

“You do know the difference between the two procedures?”

What I am having is more invasive but the results are said to be better.

A look and a shrug to suggest maybe not. But it is more expensive. What to do? The FUE doesn’t involve being scalped Red Indian style. There’s enough in the bank. I could come back again and have a couple of days in Málaga, taking in the weather and a few San Miguels.

“Just take the valium…”.

Gowned and on the operating trolley I try not to look at the tools of the trade.

“What do you want to watch on the television?”

Oh Lord, no. I can see what’s happening in the reflection.

Valium is quite effective.

As the swabs soaked up my claret I ended up laughing nervously at the antics of Hammond, May and the one-time object of my bile Clarkson. They may be staging a pile up and inferno but I’m having a hair transplant. Against my expectations Clarkson is a remainer, so he can’t be that bad after all. It must have been stress or illness to have caused him to hit that Irish chap.

For seemingly hours on end I had holes made in the hitherto-liable-to-be-sunburned bits which were then plugged with my own hair follicles. One of the very worst things about a little knowledge of a language is the ability to understand (but maybe misinterpret). I was having a bleeding issue. A bleeding big issue.

“Oh, mucho sangre…”.

My surgeon failed to allay my concerns entirely as she gave me an adrenalin injection to stem the bleeding and the blood-stained white surgical gloves of the Spanish team inserting the grafts in my peripheral vision did not assist either.

“Your ear is filling up with blood…”.

The anaesthetic was wearing off but it’s amazing how fear takes the edge off it.

At 1830 I departed for the hotel feeling like a stuck pig. I had looked at my head in the surgeon’s mirror.

Somehow she seemed to think that it had gone very well. With 3-6 months to wait for the result we shall see. I’ll let you know.

Brexit is never very far from my mind. As I looked across the Andalucian skyline from the airport I realised that I had experienced yet another European adventure. In the hands of European experts, at the end of the Continent where the road signs start to appear in Arabic.

As I checked out with my cap the receptionist said that everything was in order. If only.

Continue reading “Trichology”

Discredited and dangerous

Former teacher and Union Representative Andy Willis sums up the state of play very succinctly in an article he has kindly allowed to be published on www.bregrexits.com. His article began as a post on social media. Andy is a member of the Facebook group Oundle Europeans.

“It’s increasingly clear that whatever the reasons were that persuaded people to vote leave in the Referendum these arguments are at best now largely discredited as a result of the progress of the negotiations with the EU; or are in fact exposed as a misdirection of the people through a flawed, likely illegal electoral process and an electoral process rendered invalid by the misuse of harvested personal data for the purpose of targeting a decisive vote winning percentage of the electorate with what can at best be seen as propaganda and at worst fake news or lies.

Potential electoral collaboration between two or more campaign groups, electoral overspending and the illegal use of personal data is argument indeed justification for a second vote to now be a priority for any government that is genuinely concerned for protecting the democracy of its people.

The situation is compounded by a “system” that is meant to operate in the interest of its citizens now thwarting any discussion of these issues and closing ranks to ensure the referendum results stands, aided and abetted by the media; most alarmingly by the BBC and a number of its leading political commentators who frankly should be much better than this.

Virtually all expert economic opinion warns of the significant danger to jobs, standards of living and the economy that Brexit represents leaving us with a situation where a minority government riven with disagreement is both incapable of any meaningful negotiation and influenced by a far right cabal of Brexit politicians whose main motives for a hard Brexit are ideologically driven and do not lie with the best interests of the people.

It’s incredible that for the first time in history we have a government working with a sure knowledge and determination to force through a political direction that it knows will do harm to the country.

With economic arguments discredited the other main trope of Farage and his like of creating an anti immigrant climate and resulting migration reductions have now been exposed as a dangerous direction in which British civilians can find themselves persecuted and deported.

It’s also clear if proof were needed that our economy and public services are heavily reliant on a determined and skilled workforce provided by the stimulation of European and wider migration to this country. As migration has fallen during the period of negotiations with the EU so too have emerged genuine recruitment issues in construction, the NHS and education to name just a few vocational areas as our economy has stalled and sits at the bottom of European and developed economies’ lists.

As Trump undermines NATO and the UN at every erratic foreign policy turn that he makes its clear too that our future security is more than ever best served within a coherent and united foreign policy bloc provided by membership of the EU.

Finally it’s the exposure of what “taking back control” really means that should pose a last worry and justification for a second People’s Vote to remain in the EU.

Politically this government has seen Brexit as an opportunity to move to the political right with a new instinct to focus power and decision making within the executive branch of government, namely the Cabinet, whilst actively looking to legislate to weaken the role of Parliament. Whether it has been the Henry VIII powers, foreign policy decisions or the very decision of Brexit and any deal the trend is to try and focus decision making away from the scrutiny of Parliament.

This is politically dangerous and I fear with the intoxication of power it would be a trend that would not be reliably redressed by a change of government.

The democracy of this country is firmly on the line at present. I never thought there would come a time when I would be so grateful to see an unelected House of Lords providing such an important check and balance of power than it is currently doing.

There is little more to say save that the time has come for brave politicians of integrity to unite across the various political divides to ignore directives from their Party leaders and to vote down in Parliament any Brexit deal and return this whole ill fated issue and decision back to the people for a second vote. The people now far better informed would finally end Brexit and avert the incalculable damage that this move would do to this country for generations to come.”

Andy Willis 10.05.2018

Twitter: @andywillis1905

Thank you for permitting this site to share your wise words Andy.

Join the march in London on 23/06/2018 for a People’s Vote #StopBrexit

If it looks like a duck…

On 16th February 2016 I e-mailed my MP Tom Pursglove, the Conservative member for Corby and East Northamptonshire. He subsequently advised me that he was “widely known for (his) Eurosceptic credentials”.

Well, there’s a bit of the Brexiteer braggadocio for a start. I have yet to come upon anybody outside the constituency to have heard of him.

I didn’t expect to turn his mind on the issue of the EU referendum but looking back at his response presents an opportunity to cast a judgment with a measure of hindsight. It also permits a chronology to be created.

On the date of his reply, 18th February 2016 (I cannot criticise his turnaround time) The Independent reported on David Cameron’s meeting due to take place that evening in which he sought to re-negotiate the terms of the UK’s membership. It was a Thursday and Political Editor Oliver Wright made the following observation:-

In the next 24 hours we should know whether the Prime Minister has succeeded in his aim of getting ‘a new deal for Britain’ that will form the basis for voters to decide whether or not they want the country to stay in the European Union.

The talks were due to carry on into Friday, 19th February.

Now, Mr Pursglove’s Register of Members’ Interests records the following declarations:-

“From 16 December 2015, Director and (until 29 April 2016) Chief Executive of Grassroots Out Ltd…; a not for profit company campaigning to get the United Kingdom out of the European Union.”

“From 11 February 2016, unremunerated Director of GO Movement Ltd; a not for profit company campaigning to the get the United Kingdom out of the European Union.”

The Register suggests two separate companies at play here, Grassroots Out Limited (Company Registration number 09917939) and GO Movement Limited (09999930).

It is reasonable to therefore assume that the “GO” in “GO Movement Limited” probably stands for “Grassroots Out”.

More than two months before writing to me my MP had set up a company which had the very objective of campaigning to get the United Kingdom out of the European Union. The fellow collaborator in this project was a certain Peter Bone, MP.

Peter Bone MP

On 29th January 2016 three further directorship appointments were made by Grassroots Out Limited.

On 11th February 2016 GO Movement Limited was incorporated with Messrs Pursglove and Bone as directors.

On the 16th February 2016 the Daily Express reported the “coming together” of a new Grassroots campaign:-

“The GO Movement is expected to kick off with a major conference in central London on Friday just hours after the Prime Minister is expected to conclude his controversial new EU deal in Brussels.”


Returning now to the roots of the grass, on 14th March 2016 Richard Tice (the subsequent co-founder of Leave.EU with Arron Banks) was appointed a director of GO Movement Limited and on the very same day a directorship held by Tice of Grassroots Out Limited was terminated. There is no Notice of Appointment of Richard Tice within the Companies House available records relating to Grassroots Out Limited at the time of writing.

On 22nd March 2016 four directors were appointed to the board of GO Movement Limited, including Mr Nigel Paul Farage and Lord David Stevens. These directorships were terminated on 15th July 2016, together with that of the said Richard Tice. Stevens was a former Conservative peer who defected to UKIP.



Farage, of course, needs no further introduction.

When Tom Pursglove MP wrote to me on 18th February 2016 he stated:-

“I was a backbench MP that was willing to give the “renegotiation” process a chance. I did so because what so many of my constituents tell me, is that  they voted for a “common market” and free trade back in 1975…”

His constituents’ memories may not be as reliable as he thought but rely on them he had to because he was not born until 1988.

Tom Pursglove MP

He carries on in the letter:-

“…in recent weeks  and months, it has become increasingly clear that none of this will be achieved through the renegotiation…”.

None of what?

“Furthermore, outside of the EU, we would be able to make laws in the UK Parliament that work in our national interest…”

Oh dear. Is that the “sovereignty” that the white paper following the referendum confirmed had never been lost (although it may have felt like it had)? Well, it fooled Mr Pursglove then, along with the others.

“…and stop sending £350 million a week to Brussels – money which we could instead invest in our public services…”.

Even his former fellow director Farage disassociated himself with this claim on the morning after the referendum.  No mention of the rebate, then?

What sort of “chance” did my MP give to the renegotiation? He and Peter Bone had formed a limited company more than two months before the renegotiation process was due to conclude, the stated aim of which would have been inevitably to defeat that process, given its constitutional objectives.

When he said “in recent weeks and monthswas this not a conscious look back at the chronology from his perspective, protecting him retrospectively from being judged as having “jumped the gun” in the rush to condemn Cameron’s renegotiation as a failure? Knowing that he had embarked upon an enterprise entirely at odds with the position of his party leader. Undermining his party leader.

When pro-Europeans complain of a far-right coup then observe the chronology and interplay between two Conservative acting Members of Parliament and other influences outside the Conservative Party. A process whereby the interests of UKIP totally overrode the objective that the leader of their own Conservative Party was setting out to achieve.

Far-right coup? As they say, if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.

Gut reaction – A Brexicon

641 days after the referendum and one year to go until the United Kingdom leaves the European Union. Mrs May embarks today on a tour of the nation to summon up the Brexit spirit. To seek to align the divisions. Strange that she should do so given that when she called the 2017 election this was because the country had come together in all things Brexit, unlike Westminster. How wrong she was. Taming Westminster has been the easiest of tasks, save for that of getting the state broadcaster on message. No meaningful opposition to her triggering Article 50 and practically none to the so-called great repeal legislation.

But what about the country?

The nation has never been so divided along so many lines. It reads like a Saturday fixture list.

Older -v- Younger

Scotland -v- England

Catholics -v- Protestants

London -v- The Provinces

Country -v- Town

Educated at university -v- University of life

Travelled -v- Stayed at home

Linguists -v- Anglophones

Tabloid readers -v- Tabloid haters

Commonwealth -v- Continental

Elite -v- Downtrodden

Expertise -v- Instinct

Extremist -v- Centrist

It is hard to imagine that a whistle-stop tour around the country can do anything meaningful to heal the rifts and May is not the right person to do so. There is an insufficient arms-length distance between the Cameron government which promised a referendum to appease the “said-by Major-to-be-illegitimate” back benchers and May’s present bunch. This places her in a conflict position.

Does she do what is right for the country or does she continue to act in a manner detrimental to the nation but convenient for burying the reckless promise made by her colleague?

She called an election which backfired spectacularly. Her authority is fundamentally damaged, not least due to her bad judgement call and the cynical steps she had to take to preserve her tenure to the exclusive benefit of one part of the nation.

The country has plodded on, half in and half out. As the Prime Minister of Luxembourg remarked, the UK used to want in with as many opt-outs as it could obtain and now wants out with as many opt-ins.

There is one certainty. As time has passed people are beginning to appreciate the complexity of the question which David Cameron allowed them to answer in June 2016. A decision which they were singularly ill-qualified to answer.

If you are a Remainer with a degree of foresight then your instinct that Brexit was a catastrophe will have been proven to be right, notwithstanding the aversion of a complete currency crash and a recession (for the time being).

Remainers have done expertise to death. The forecasts, the studies, the warnings of the professionals, the financial, the judicial.

However, there is now at the fingertips of the Remain campaign an emotional element of which it previously could not take advantage. Brexit is beginning to smell a bit and those associated with it will assume its fingerprint. The attempts to rationalise by means of fact-based debate have met a largely glazed-over audience. But this is different.

Everybody likes to be a bargain hunter, a detective, a savvy consumer. Nobody likes to be thought of as lacking instinct; vision easily obscured by wool over the eyes.

Oh for the sort of instinct and intuition that means you avoid being sold the bruised apples under the counter, or the car made of two halves welded together. The same that allows a viewer to say “it was the vicar” at the earliest opportunity and beam with pride at having sussed it out, good and early; way before the clues made the solution easy.

Four million people signed a petition after the referendum. Those people will not have been converted to the Brexit cause but neither will they all have gone on to become campaigners and activists. They managed, however, to smell the Brexit rat. To suss out the Brexit confidence trick. Good and early.

One of the Remain adverts featured a poster with a picture of four proponents of Brexit and the words “We are better than this”. It was particularly effective in its “gut reaction” simplicity.

NIGEL FARAGE Good Morning Britain Jeremy Corbyn TURKISH ACCESSION £350 million That look on Johnson’s face PRIME MINISTERIAL RESIGNATION Enemies of the People BETTING ON THE RESULT Rupert Murdoch Michael Gove DONALD TRUMP Shame on you Boris Hillary Clinton Cyber warfare INTERFERENCE Trump Towers Ecuador Register of foreign workers Jared Kushner MISTER BREXIT Paul Dacre BREXIT MEANS BREXIT strong and stable Arlene Foster The Sun JACOB REES-MOGG smooth & orderly IMPACT STUDIES Select Committee DAVID DAVIS Position Papers Embassy visit America First TRANSATLANTIC BRIDGE Overspending Whistle blower SOCIAL MEDIA UKIP leadership elections fishing quotas BRIDGE ACROSS THE CHANNEL SUBVERSION Frictionless Trade Deep & meaningful ISOLATION vulnerability PARTNERSHIP inflation Paul Manafort blue passports DROP IN STERLING Carillion NHS vacancies VOTE LEAVE BeLeave Funding ELECTORAL COMMISSION cheating WILL OF THE PEOPLE manipulation Targeted advertising BUSINESS VISITS ON HOLIDAY Off shore trusts TAX AVOIDANCE Panama Papers UNPATRIOTIC The Daily Express SINGAPORE Protest vote Question Time Radio host G8 rankings OUTING Cambridge Analytica BBC GUEST Troll Factory LEGATUM #RoadtoBrexit 1922 Committee DUP exact same benefits WE ARE LEAVING 2019 Directive IMPLEMENTATION IDS Robert Mueller investigation 5-star Marine Le Pen Geert Wilders The people have spoken Meaningful vote TRADE DEALS Steel tariffs DONE & DUSTED Foreign secretary JOHN REDWOOD financial advice Kate Hoey GOOD FRIDAY AGREEMENT Dublin base Wetherspoons REDUCED MAJORITY Andrea Leadsom BILL CASH easiest trade deal in history Liam Fox BREXIT BONUS Belfast regulatory alignment HARD BORDER Penny Mordaunt AUSTRIAN HUB Nadine Dorries Food banks UPLIFTING Brexit Central Paul Nuttall Donors Fish stunt Bankruptcy Court WTO Very French World War Two punishment Deal or no deal GLOBAL BRITAIN Vacuum cleaners PRODUCTION TRANSFERRED Frankfurt Office SOVEREIGN Lords Reform DELIVERING BREXIT freedom of movement JOBS FIRST BREXIT single market PRITI PATEL environmental Brexit A Customs Union The Customs Union Travel Visa RED, WHITE & BLUE BREXIT Leaked papers every sector POOREST AREAS voted leave EXPERTS HARDEST HIT Hate crimes POLISH PLUMBERS produce rotting LOSS OF INFLUENCE at the table GARDEN BRIDGE Doomed Eurozone CONFIDENCE Gisela Stuart UNCERTAINTY respect the decision VOTED TO BECOME POORER place at the table IVAN RODGERS resigns Mark Carney intervenes Money Laundering Dependent territories LONDON passporting Human Rights Act Votes for prisoners Misleading Parliament Europe’s capital CANADA Daily Mail SEXTUS South Korea Daniel Hannan PETER BONE Brexiteers When we leave WE ARE LEAVING THE EUROPEAN UNION  not a day later NOT A MINUTE LONGER Guardian investigation TRANSITION PERIOD implementation “That was a mistake”.


Dear Jeremy and Kier

Dear Sirs

I am 50 years of age. I have always voted Labour in every election at every level and I still receive your e-mails. I sent donations to the Labour campaign of Ed Miliband.

I have two children aged 16 and 19.

Brexit is not only an utter fiasco but it is now a dangerous ideological dark valley.

I agree with virtually all your policies in terms of restoring hope and equality to a financially divided nation where opportunity is so unequal.

However, the plain fact is that Brexit was conceived by a viciously right wing of the tory party and secured by the people using a tissue of lies and deceit. A Brexit which threatens disaster-capitalism now. An economic outcome achieved through the stoking of bigotry and xenophobia.

Labour’s position on Brexit has to change if there is any prospect of achieving its aims. Full stop. Anything else is simply fantasy. There is no “Jobs FirstBrexit. There is only a Brexit of:-

  • Economic underachievement and/or stagnation;
  • Loss of regional and global influence;
  • Isolation;
  • Increasing xenophobia and bigotry as the factors above materialise.

Dangerous times need brave people. Do it. Make the tories own “Brexit” and make them pay the price they deserve for the vast amounts of public money they have wasted saving their own political bacon. Only a deluded minority will now believe if looking with honest reflection that anything good will become of Brexit. It won’t and you must know that. Go for the jugular. Go back to Cameron and the MP’s which he should have had the guts to sling out to UKIP. Expose the cause. Expose the reality. Make them own their catastrophe and remind the nation why this happened.

My support for Labour has presently gone. The futures of my country and my children are too important not to have these cheats brought properly to account and for the madness to be ended.

Yours sincerely

There is a way out.

The word purgatory has come to refer to a wide range of historical and modern conceptions of postmortem suffering short of everlasting damnation and is used, in a non-specific sense, to mean a condition or state of suffering or torment, especially one that is temporary.¹

Thus feels Brexit. On the back of a 52/48 referendum which looks to have been wholly inappropriate as a vehicle for shaping British global influence in the 21st century. As effective maybe as a trial by ordeal. That contradictory process whereby God would show the innocence of an accused by allowing for some form of miracle to save the accused from death. Contradictory in that evasion of a drowning amounted to evidence of witchcraft in cases where the ordeal was water-based.

A number of groups have formed in this post-referendum nether-world; or purgatory.

Tortured souls remoaning what seems to have been a death-like experience on 24th June 2016.

Others wandering around as if nothing has happened at all.

A small but vocal number rejoicing at the prospect of a final cleansing of the soul which then prepares it for the ascent into a Brexit heaven. This celestial Brexit boost is, of course, more spiritual than financial if Mark Carney is to be believed. But who is he to clip the wings of a nationalistic expectation which he cannot possibly understand? He does not appreciate the boundless opportunities that arise by virtue of being English, after all. German Wings? Euro Wings? No, these are English Wings.

This rejoicing group also obsessing with the perceived hell that lies below. That of infernal bureaucrats creating new laws and regulations. Computer-literate, multilingual modern ivory hunters cutting off the Brexit riches and leaving the nation-state lying in a pool of its own blood, unable to extricate itself from the net of regulatory interference.

Others wandering silently and hoping that the soul when purged of the sins of capitalism and therefore thoroughly cleansed may find a different heaven altogether. A Socialist heaven.

One of the most unusual search questions on Google must be this:-

“How long does it take to get out of purgatory?”

If the question is bizarre then Google’s response is even more so.

“A Spanish theologian from the late Middle Ages once argued that the average Christian spends 1000 to 2000 years in purgatory… But there’s no official take on the average sentence.”

So, assuming a mid-way point of 1,500 years and a departure date of 29th March 2019 there are only 629 years left of the initial Article 50 notice period. Of course, there is no heaven; and there is no hell. Neither is there a purgatory. It just feels that way at the moment.

There are regressive influences who have wished to perpetuate the idea of binary heaven and hell destinations. With religion, so also referendums, it seems. Riding on a wave of religious but also historical and empirical metaphor. Sovereignty and now damnation,  dissenters, treason, plotting and subterfuge; thwarting and subversion. Popular will. Insisting that Brussels would not receive a brass farthing.

At first glance there is no “way out” of this self-imposed purgatory. No salida de emergencia. So-called transition deals and implementation periods simply increase the length of the period of this desperate sojourn. Leaving over a cliff-edge has evidently been addressed by the impact studies which may exist. Casting the country out over the fire with wings which may or may not work is a singularly reckless escapade that  only the birdmen of Parliament would be willing to countenance. The super-dogmatic Disaster-Capitalists who view the population at large as some form of Darwinist experiment fodder.

The choice today remains exactly the choice that the public had on 23rd June 2016. Donald Tusk, Emmanuel Macron and Jean-Claude Juncker have made it clear that the UK can halt the process of leaving at will.

If that exit route were to be taken then there would have to be change. In reality England has been drifting into and out of the waiting room for tortured souls for many years. Opt-outs, posturing, showboating and negative engagement have meant that the full benefits of membership have never felt themselves apparent, save to the large numbers of British migrants.

A reliance upon English as the lingua franca has encouraged a reticence and arrogance that has impeded the true understanding of the place England occupies on the planet. Similarly it has obscured the magnitude of a Union whose strength is now coming to the fore in the context of negotiations which have been nothing of the kind. There are British migrants living in Spain who bewilderingly voted to leave such was the level of misinterpretation of the power positions of the parties. People who seriously believe that they are indispensable to whichever nation should have the good fortune and honour of receiving them; generally in the late autumns of their lives, too.

However, this de facto 27-member Union has done what every good Union should and stood as an effective and efficient framework to unite its members.

The way out of this purgatory is with the young. The split in voting habits on EU membership is as sharp a statement of division as any this country has seen and here lies the solution. England has tried a little foot in; now a foot out. Either way, it has not worked and is not working. Economically there may be an arguable case that it did but not in any real and sustainable sense. Saying you are the fifth largest economy in the world is of no consequence if you cannot afford to buy a house and sit there waiting for an inheritance.

Along with a belief in purgatory blood letting was a popular treatment modality at one time.

Blood transfusions are now routinely performed. England needs a new, oxygenated blood supply to treat its arterial sclerosis and there are signs that it is coming through.

“Under-25s were more than twice as likely to vote Remain (71%) than Leave (29%). Among over-65s the picture is almost the exact opposite, as 64% of over-65s voted to Leave while only 36% voted to Remain. Among the other age groups, voters aged 24 to 49 narrowly opted for Remain (54%) over leave (46%) while 60% of voters between the ages of 50 and 64 went for Leave.”²

When Guy Verhofstadt said that Brexit was a “catfight gone too far”³ within the Conservative Party he was using the power of understatement at a critical time, as a medic may seek to minimise the threat of a disease to a patient.

The Conservative Party has become a malignant tumour to England which also threatens its surrounding tissues north and west. It arose from a suspicious but long-standing and thought-to-be-benign cyst.

Tempting it is to conclude therefore that Britain finds itself in a course of aggressive chemotherapy, as opposed to a form of spiritual purgatory. A chemotherapy effectively now adminstered remotely by natural process. A stand-off between the tumour, the patient and destiny, assisted by concerned medics and onlookers.

The positive signs are that the tumour is turning on itself having met with little resistance from inside the body. The tumour must be defeated by the strength given to the immune system by the new blood supply.

As the period of purgatory looks to be extended so does the course of treatment and the number of restorative oxygenated cells available. Body and soul to be cleansed, as one. A miracle? Or just the power of modern thinking?

¹ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Purgatory

² https://yougov.co.uk/news/2016/06/27/how-britain-voted/

³ http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-debate-live-updates-eu-european-parliament-red-lines-talks-negotiations-a7667266.html


Reasons to be cheerful, Part…

The year 2017 has been a strange year, more odd still than 2016 and that takes some doing. A reflection and a time for hope and aspiration.

The strength and the stability

Unbelievable. An election called to smash the opposition that wasn’t really opposing. The one resulting from the failure of Westminster to unite behind the Brexit vision despite the fact that the nation had apparently done so.

The shedding of a tear

Following the outcome of the snap election that was not going to happen. Announced to the One Show. Along with a conversation about which one of the multi-millionaire couple puts the bins out at their house. Well, maybe not talking specifically about that particular house.

James Chapman’s departure

The blight of a former member of Davis’ team doing the dirty on Twitter was evidence enough that all was not functioning well under the good captain at the DExEU. Amid Chapman’s tales of incompetence that were subsequently to pale into insignificance the most extraordinary rebuttal of his claims consisting of little more than “we all know dear old James was always a Remainer”. Rounded off by “well-wishers” enquiring as to the state of James’ mental health.

Dr Fox and his easiest ever negotiation

The Doctor might like to ask the former territorial SAS man about that one.

The chlorinated chicken

The former territorial SAS man might like to ask the disgraced former Defence Secretary now turned cabinet minister about that one. Here he is…

The enemies of the people

Well, Olympic fencing is pretty offensive, isn’t it?

A jobs-first Brexit

You are joking Jeremy, seriously?

We want you to stay

Faced with an exodus of skilled workers ideas mooted for employers to have to have logs of foreign workers to prove their patriotism soon gave way to these sort of desperate pleas from the Prime Minister.

Question Time

From Boston, Grimsby, Frinton, Clacton, Hastings, Ramsgate and tonight, joining David Dimbleby from Barnsley…

Of course we all know that currencies can go up and down

Really, Steph McGovern and your enlightening BBC Breakfast Butty Van crew? They went on a tour of Great British businesses. Around the Great British countryside. Or the Great British Seaside. Because Great Britain’s Great, hell yeah. When can we expect sterling to recover to its pre-referendum levels then Steph after this 18-month “blip” or “trading correction”?

The “negotiations”

The “what”?

The timetable for “negotiations”

Is that the timetable which insisted on certain matters being resolved before trade talks could commence? The one that Davis would never agree to but which subsequently governed these “negotiations”?

The red lines

Well, they’re yellowy-orange, maybe.

The Northamptonshire Triumvirate

Bone, Hollobone and Pursglove. Pursbone? Holloglove?

Monsieur Barnier

Well, he’s “very French” according to our former Tate & Lyle enforcer (and good at timetabling it seems).

The Trump trade deal

What are Gove and Farage doing in New York? Why is Murdoch there? Should Gove be sacked? Better ask Dacre over lunch before being too hasty. His wife works there.

Quentin Letts’ Tweet

Let’s have more of the Gandhi and less of the Johnson to extract the nation from a predicament in which he compared our departure from the “shackles” of Brussels to that of Indian independence. “Come on Boris, the light’s fading and the number of overs is limited, old boy.”

Jacob Rees-Mogg

Wouldn’t pay a farthing (he’s never spent one, mind) and knows the literal meaning of a shambles as well as seeing the metaphorical entity every day at work.

The lack of papers (1)

On the table in Brussels. Not even for show. Everything’s all in Davis’ head. He doesn’t have to be especially clever to do his job, eh Dr Fox? It is, after all, a doddle, like you said.

The lack of papers (2)

Automotive sector? “No”. All of them. No, to all of them. The ones in painstaking detail that you need not know about because they are too painstaking in their detail. Chill out and trust me.

The Florence speech

I have come to the city of Machiavelli to restore some trust in our position…

 An environmental Brexit

Green Giant Gove looking as comfortable as Mr Ben emerging from the shop on Acacia Avenue.

The payment to Northern Ireland

Are you seriously suggesting that the Prime Minister of a country like the United Kingdom would agree to pay taxpayers’ money to another political party having an influence in one region only to form a national government?

The Northern Ireland Border Issue

Brexit Means Brexit but maybe not Brexit as much in that part of the United Kingdom. Sort it out with ANPR or that massive airship from Cardington, near Bedford. (Ed: it recently crashed didn’t it?).

2018 will be a year for Britons to be proud

All must hope so Prime Minister. How might that happen?