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I decided in the wake of the referendum result in the United Kingdom to set up a site where people who were suffering from the phenomenon known as “Bregrexit” could share their experiences and pool ideas, as well as to empathise with and offer hope to each other in the uncertain months and years that surely await.

This is also a forum not only for those who are pained by the outcome but also those who are regretting their part in it, as you rightly should if responsible. There are numerous expressions of regret now beginning to find their way out. Do any of these sound familiar?

i) I didn’t think it would happen;
ii) It’s all gone to **** and if I had known that I wouldn’t have voted the way I did; and:-
iii) I thought that £350 million a week was going into the NHS. Where is it then? Not to mention…
iv) Why have Johnson and Farage ****ed off and left us to it; didn’t they expect to win/have a plan? and then
v) I wasn’t being lectured by Cameron and his smug Old Etonian Chipping Norton set political elitists; let alone
vi) I didn’t really know what the EU was until I Googled it the day after the vote.

Theresa May’s installation as unelected PM is where we are at after Andrea “Take Back Control” Leadsom showed generosity of spirit (and/or realised that some game was up) “Brexit”, Theresa says, “is Brexit”. Debate away.

Marc Folgate

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Author: Marc Folgate

Marc Folgate's search for answers to the misery and mess.

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